Who are we

Who are we?


We are a pioneering charitable foundation in Bangladesh founded in 2000 AD, and registered under the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2000 with the number 2316/2000.

It was also registered with the Non-Governmental Charitable Affairs Bureau of the Prime Minister's Office of the Government People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2002 with the number 1770/2002. It is supervised by a board of directors elected by the Foundation's General Assembly.


Founding Chairman of the Foundation:

Professor Dr. Abu Reza Mohammad Nizamuddin Nadwi

(Member of the National Parliament of Bangladesh)


Current Chairman of the Foundation:

Professor Dr. Abul Ala Mohammad Hosamuddin.


Our Headquarters:

Chittagong – Bangladesh.


Our Slogan:

A bridge between philanthropists and destitute people.


Our Message:

A believer is like a believer, he builds each other.


Our Vision:

Leadership and excellence in the service of religion, country and people.


Where do we work?

We operate in all regions of Bangladesh, especially in the southeastern regions.